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Community IncomeTax of Jacksonville- Westside
1233 Lane Ave. S. Suite 17, Jacksonville, Fl 32205 (904)783-0902
Tax Service

Things to remember to bring with you! 
(all that apply to you)

~ Schedule A (itemized, ie: mortgage 
interest, real estate taxes, medical/ 
dental expense, gifts to charity, job 
expenses, etc)

~ Schedule C (itemized business income)
Sales of stocks or bonds 

Self-employed business income & expenses 

Lottery or Gambling winnings/losses (W-2G) 

State Tax Refund (1099-G) 

Social Security/Unemployment Income (SSA-1099) 

Rental Property Income and Expenses 

Alimony Paid or Received 

Record of Purchase or Sale of Residence 

Medical and Dental expenses 

Real estate and personal property taxes 

Estimated taxes or foreign taxes paid 

Cash and non-cash charitable contributions 

Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid 

Un-reimbursed employment related expenses 

Job related educational expenses 

Child care expenses and provider information 

Education Expenses  

Moving Expenses 

Or any documentation related to:

Earned income credit

Child Tax Credit (child's social security cards, or other dependents)

We offer valuable service

~ Fast and Accurate tax returns

~ No fees up front option, fees can be 
deducted from your return 

~ We can prepare your 1040

~ Free evaluation of return

~ Out of State Returns

~ File an extension for your return
~ and more....................

Local Tax Service

Low fees, walk-ins welcome
*after hours appts available*

Friendly service

Tax Clients 
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Located at: 
1233 Lane Ave. S. 
Suite 17, 
Jax, Fl 32205

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